Film Critic’s Teaser Riddle “How Smart Are You?”: Can You Solve It?

Ingenuity laden film critic, Augusta Okon, has released a teaser riddle in the build up to the gathering of Eagles at the ‘FAS’ in November, 2013. The riddle has been tagged ‘How Smart Are You?’, and is meant to test people’s knowledge about a vital subject matter.

Although details of the event are being kept under wraps for the time being, however, the organizers say it will, incontrovertibly, initiate a transforming process that will create a positive impact in the ‘Industry’.

Try solving the riddle using the clues in the poster as a guide and let’s see how smart you are!. We’ll look out for your answers via this medium. The correct answer will be revealed on October 25th,2013.

I have been around for a long time, a generation yanked off by a century, though not as old as my contemporary within this shores. I didn’t have a flying start at the beginning and grappled to be relevant over the years.

A homosapien from one of the cardinal points of dominance fell in love with me and I have always been part of his visually inclined calling. The icon from the path of the rising sun has slept but it was the work of his hands that brought me popularity.

I have lurked in the shadows for a long while, now, the childhood memories, mother’s undying love for her child, split giant fiery orb in the horizon, the influence of deities in mankind’s existence, dirty secrets of those in authority within the hallowed sanctuary, have given me hope that my luck. is changingwhat am I?


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