Atuguba charges Young Patriots with ‘young contempt’ but refers them to Peace Council

Atuguba charges Young Patriots with 'young contempt' but refers them to Peace Council

Presiding Judge William Atuguba

The Presiding Judge in the Presidential Election Petition says the youth wing of the opposition New Patriotic Party is liable for contempt.

Justice William Atuguba says the Youth Group could be indicted for committing “Young contempt” after they petitioned the Supreme Court over contemptuous matters they thought had not been brought to the notice of the justices hearing the election petition pending before them.

The Presiding Judge made the remark during hearing of the contempt charge brought against the NPP General Secretary Kwadwo Owusu Afriyie and a member of the NPP Communications team, Hopeson Adorye.

Ayikoi Otoo, lawyer for the two contemnors had seemingly mitigated the gravity of the charge brought against the two and skillfully pleaded with the judges to temper justice with mercy as a birthday gift to him on his 59th birthday.

But Atuguba will not be easily swayed by the lawyer he showed so much respect for and even queried why he had not taken up a job at the bench.

The presiding Judge cut Sir John to size saying he and other politicians who dabble in irresponsible commentary were indulging in “illegal political galamsey.”

Having dealt with Sir John, it was the turn of Hopeson Adorye to mount the dock. Ayikoi Otoo in describing the contemnor, said he was a member of the Young Patriot and that opened another can of worms.

The Patriots, in the heat of the summons of the two NPP members, petitioned the judges hearing the election petition to also look at other possible contemnors. They cited among others, the president John Mahama, Stephen Atubiga, Ali Yacub as people who have equally made contemptuous remarks and must be invited.

Atuguba immediately remarked that even the Young Patriots have questions to answer.

He said having already warned that writing letters to the judges constituted contempt, it was surprising that the Young Patriots decided to disregard the warning.

Atuguba said the Young Patriot have been charged with young contempt but have been referred to the Peace Council.

The judges, meanwhile slapped a fine of 5,000 cedis on Sir John and 2,000 cedis on Adorye after they were found guilty of intentional criminal contempt.