The Judiciary Has Disappointed Ghana – Balado Manu

New Patriotic Party Former Member of Parliament for Ahafo Ano South in the Brong Ahafo Region, Stephen Kwaku Balado Manu has urged the Ghana Bar Association and National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) to heighten public education on the legal system of the nation.

Speaking to Oman FM on Tuesday, Hon. Balado Manu was of a strong view that Ghana’s Judiciary has disappointed the nation for not utilizing its communicative tools to explain the content and purport of contempt to Ghanaians.

According to him, several Ghanaians are ignorant of the constitution of being contemptuous of the court and therefore it behooves the Bar Association and the NCCE to raise awareness about it.

“The institution called Judiciary is the entity that has disappointed Ghana. Because they have a Public Relations outfit which should have interacted with people to teach them about the nature of things [in the judicial system].”

“Ignorance of the law”, he stated, is no defence but “ignorance of a fact could be defence”, hence the need for the two law enforcement entities to educate Ghanaians about the laws governing the nation.

He however debunked any notion that the GBA is an offspring of the opposition NPP, saying it is a “figment of ignorance” on the part of the proponents, but held strongly that the Association has not helped Ghanaians, “they were paid to help the development of the country and if the country will progress, there is law in the country for human understanding. So, a person should be able to understand the law, that’s why the law must be publicized…so that it will be in the realm of the people.”