Maintain Peace After SC Ruling

Nii Amarkai III, Head of King Makers of the Ga State has urged Ghanaians to maintain the peace after the Supreme Court ruling on the 2012 Presidential Election petition.

“The ruling of the Supreme Court should not bring a misunderstanding among us. It is not a fight. I want to see the peace which is prevailing now to continue,” he said.

Nii Amarkai made the call in an interaction with the Ghana News Agency in Accra on Saturday when the chiefs and people of the Ga State celebrated their Homowo festival.

He said Ghanaians should see the Election Petition as an opportunity to learn about the country’s electoral processes and the Supreme Court proceedings; adding that, “but for the election petition, I did not know what a pink sheet was, even though I am educated and took part in the voting.

“We should also see it as an eye-opener and use it to strengthen our democracy,” Nii Amarkai said and asked the citizenry to pray for the judges.

Nii Amarkai urged politicians not to influence the youth to take to violence, saying; “if you (politicians) have money, use it on things that would benefit society, such as school buildings for our children.”

He said journalists have a greater responsibility by desisting from using the radio to destroy the nation, stressing that; “We parents want our children to use the radio and the television to learn to become engineers, lawyers and doctors and what have you”

The Dzasetse appealed to television stations to censor their films of pornographic materials since it does not help in the development of the nation.

He expressed concern about the indiscriminate citing of drinking bars and their times of operations in the area and called on the authorities to regulate them.

Nii Amarkai commended the Ghana Police Service for providing security during the celebrations, and prayed for the President, politicians and the citizenry for long life, saying; “let us stay together in peace and in unity to show the outside world that we are matured people.”