How Can Atuguba Claim Not To Have Heard Of Sir John…You See The Arrogance?

As the Chief Scribe of the New Patriotic Party and a member of a youth wing of the party buckle up to face the nine-member panel sitting on the pending election petition, a Deputy Communications Director of the party, John Boadu has implored the Supreme Court Judges to respect political figures in the nation.

According to John Boadu, who spoke on Oman FM’s “National Agenda” on Tuesday, it is incumbent on the nine-member panel presided by Justice William Atuguba to also reciprocate the respect that political parties and the entire nation have reposed in them.

He marked with much seriousness the seemingly disregard for political leaders in the country by the highest court of the land and therefore asked the court to note that “just as we (nation) respect them, they should also respect our lawyers. They should also respect our legislature. They should also respect our Executive and also respect our political system.”

Lawyer Kwadwo Owusu Afriyie, also called Sir John, together with the NPP activist, Hopeson Adorye were summoned by the nine-member panel to appear before the Supreme court on August 9, 2013 to defend “why they should not be committed to prison” for comments aimed at “defying and lowering the authority of this court” and “scandalizing the court.”

The summons, jointly signed by presiding judge, Justice William Atuguba and the Registrar of the Supreme Court, Mr James Mensah, also indicted the two of “exciting hatred and ill-will towards the 1st and 2nd respondents” in the election petition.

Justice Atuguba is also reported to have denied knowledge of the personality of the NPP General Secretary. On July 8, the President of the nine-member panel, Justice William Atuguba bewailed that “more terrible things are coming [out]” despite the Court’s conviction of Ken Kuranchie and Stephen Atubiga to separate prison terms for criminal contempt.

Justice Atuguba said there was a publication in the Enquirer Newspaper about Sir John’s alleged comments as well as a tape containing the alleged comments.

He noted that: “…The publication in the Enquirer and the tape concerns a person going by the description Sir John. We understand he comes to this Court…we don’t know this people…Why should we have to grapple with them in terms of our contempt powers”.

Speaking in relation to that issue, John Boadu wondered how Justice Atuguba could live in total denial of the persona of Sir John, asking: “How can he not know him? You being a lawyer and rising through the ranks to become a Judge…You rise to a major level and you say ‘you don’t know the General Secretary of a major political party’. You see the arrogance.”

He admonished NPP members to be bold and fight against any oppression by the Judiciary because to him, one arm of government should not use its “authority to cow everybody down.”

“This slighting of individuals in this country, everybody in Ghana has a responsibility; a role to play in order to ensure that there’s total harmony in our country. Whether a judge, a lawyer, a mason, a carpenter or a political activist, nobody should be slighted in this nation of ours,” he concluded.