[Advice Needed] Should I Quit? She Does Not Want To Have s*x With Me?

downloadDear Tee
I am a corp member serving in one of the South-South states in Nigeria. I met my girlfriend in Camp as a virgin. The only problem I have with her is that is that she is always bringing up excuses when we want to have s*x, flimsy ones that any other guy will dismiss (and I don’t date without s*x).. I have feelings for her, its just her attitude towards s*x that is reducing my feelings towards my towards her.. I’m thinking of calling it quit with her because she is me not giving me chances with other babes that are willing and I don’t double date. Please, should I quit and move on with another girl?


Dear UN,
First, let me say this – s*x is not the key for a successful dating or courtship. The fact that you always sleep with the babes that you go into relationship with does not always mean that you have to continue with that. Your girlfriend does not want to have s*x with you, she is a virgin, why don’t you accept and respect her? Stop pestering her for s*x, there is no love in that. If you really love her, you would not force her to sleep with you…I think you should start learning how to control your s*xual desires. Part of being a responsible man is learning how to handle emotions, especially the s*xual part; you can do this, if you make up your mind. This is the kind of girl most men would want to make wives…. Keep and cherish her, do not double – date or cheat on her either. It is better to walk out of a relationship than to cheat.
All the best,