[Advice Needed] Should I Confess To Her That I Used To Be A Molester?

Dear Tee,
I am dating a beautiful young lady. She was defiled when she was 18 years old. She is 23 years old now. She told me that she can never forget the guy that did that to her. The issue is I used to be a defiler back in the university, but now I am a changed person. Should I tell her about my past? I am afraid she would stop loving me.


Dear Prince,
I think you should tell her about your past. She would be upset, but then it is better you tell her. Make up your mind to get any of these – she forgives and accepts you or she let go of you. She would not trust you anymore if she hears about it from another source. Just let her know about it.
Hope she forgives and accepts you.

All the best,

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