[Advice Needed] His Relatives Tested My Loyalty By Setting A Trap For Me. What Should I Do?

Dear Tee,
My fiance’ family tested my loyalty to their son. They set me up, they thought I would allow another man to take advantage of me. This is without my fiance’s knowledge. I did not fall for their trap. Now, they have given their consent to our marriage. I hate all of them for testing my loyalty to their son. I want to let go of my fiance, although he is innocent. What should I do?

Dear Ada,
I understand that you feel bad for their actions, but then your fiance is innocent. He was not aware, you should not take it out on him. Some people find it hard to trust other people, until they prove they can really be trusted, such example is your fiance’s family. Inform your fiance of what happened and continue with him. It was not his fault and you cannot put the blame on him.
Wish you a successful marriage.
All the best,

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