Action Chapel prays for peace

Action Chapel prays for peace

Rosa Whitaker,(middle) wife of Arch Bishop Duncan Williams and President of the Whitaker Group joins hands with some of the women leaders of the church during prayers.

As the verdict of the 2012 Election Petition pending at the Supreme Court draws near, members of the Christian community have taken to serious prayers, seeking the face of God for peace in the aftermath of the Supreme Court case.

It was the turn of the Action Chapel International, one of the leading charismatic churches in Ghana to join the crusade and prayers for peace.

On August 13, 2013 the church organised a prayer session for members of the business community to join the campaign for peace during and after Supreme Court verdict.

The event which was dominated by Chief Executives of leading financial institutions was also attended by Ministers of the Gospel.

Action Chapel prays for peace

Mr. Kofi Mensah, (middle) CEO of Capital Plus together with other participants in a fervent prayers.

Leading the prayers, the Arch Bishop of the Church, Duncan Williams admonished the participants not to relent in their efforts to sustain peace in the country.

He said peace supersedes everything and no business can survive in war torn country.

He therefore urged business men and women to do their best to maintain the peace the country is currently enjoying.

The prayer mood was turned somber when a special documentary on Rwanda and Liberia were shown to the audience which showed scenes of atrocities engendered by wars.