Young Patriot’s petition is meant to help the court- Nyamah

Young Patriot’s petition is meant to help the court- Nyamah

Leader of the NPP’s Young Patriot says their petition to the Supreme Court cannot be described as contemptuous.

Mr. Richard Nyamah says is a list of persons who have made similar contemptuous statements which the court ought to take notice and deal with.

At a press conference Monday, the group cited four persons they believe have also made unsavoury comments regarding the controversial Election Petition. They named President Mahama who they accuse of declaring that the truth was on his side, Ali Dawud, a host on Multi TV’s political program Caucus, Stephen Atubiga who has been jailed before for contempt and Owula Mangotey.

The group therefore sent a petition to the registry of the Supreme Court after its party’s General Secretary ‘Sir John’ as he is popularly called and another party communicator Hopeson Adorye were summoned before the Court over alleged contemptuous comments about the Election Petition pending before the nine justices hearing the case.

In the Young Patriot’s petition, the group said other political party commentators from the governing NDC have made inflammatory comments on the petition pending the court and ought to be invited, to answer for their comments.

Richard Nyamah also said their petition was presented after they noticed that the judges were privy to pro-NDC newspapers Daily Post and Enquirer who are doing their work well in helping the court to deal with contempt.

Their list of contemptuous statements which includes tapes of these comments by NDC communicators is therefore meant to assist the court to also deal with the unsavoury comments from the governing party.

“They probably have not seen it or heard it so let’s put it together and make it available to them”, Richard Nyamah said.

But the legal team of the NDC is taking strong exception to this petition. A spokesperson of the team Abraham Amaliba says sending the petition to the court was contemptuous because it interferes with the work of the court.

He claimed the Young Patriots have no capacity to file a petition because they are not party to the hearing of the Election Petition which is challenging the declaration of the sitting president as winner of the December 2012 presidential polls.

He said the conduct of the Young patriots amounts to impeding the administration of the court. He also read out portions of the petition which suggested that the Supreme Court was not being fair.

He added that the petition is meant to provoke the court to take a stern stand on the NPP which will later form a basis for them to complain.

But a national vice chair of the opposition NPP Fred Oware discounts this claim insisting that the petition is not giving any instruction to the court neither does it have any direct bearing on the real issues at stake.