XCLUSIV FOTOS: Joselyn Dumas Falls On Stage!

Yet another female celebrity has experienced ‘the great fall’ in public but this could not beat Amanda Jissih’s record.

Ghanaian actress and TV presenter, Joselyn Dumas fell on stage when she wore the very high “gargantuan” boots of eccentric Nigerian TV presenter, Denrele during a taping of O News Live at the Silver Star Towers, in Accra yesterday Sunday August 11, 2013.

Denrele who had Joselyn as a guest on his couch threw a ‘truth or dare’ at the actress. Joselyn chose to dare Denrele, which resulted in Denrele asking her to take off her Christian Louboutin shoes.

Joselyn was then made to wear Denrele’s boots and when she tried to dance in the boots, she took a mighty tumble. She fell flat on stage and Denrele and Yvonne Okoro had to help get her back on her feet.

Joselyn didn’t seem too happy about the situation “Am really pissed at you for embarrassing me in front of the whole Africa. I will never forget this day”, Joselyn told Denrele.

When it was her turn to take the ‘truth or dare’ question Yvonne Okoro who was on stage with Joselyn and saw what happened to her obviously went for truth to avoid any public embarrassment.

Checkout the pictures below: