Warning To Fake NPP Activists: Don’t Start Chaos In The Name Of Sir John

If there is any group out there plotting to drag the name of the New Patriotic Party through the mud or use the party’s name for nefarious acts, then there is an urgent need to halt the plan since their agenda has come to the notice of party executives.

Following news that broke out last Friday about the Supreme Court’s invitation to Lawyer Kwadwo Owusu Afriyie and Mr. Hopeson Adorye, many are those who have pleaded with the court to deal softly with the two gentlemen for the sake of our peace.

As part of this, some members of the New Patriotic Party have intended to embark on a peaceful march to get the justices show mercy on their new culprits.

Madam Kate Gyamfua, a deputy Women’s Organizer of the NPP has stated that the motive behind the march is to avert any possible mayhem that could ignite if care isn’t taken. She observes that they have picked up strong signals that certain unknown persons are scheming to unleash commotion in the name of the party though they are not members.

Madam Kate Gyamfua pleaded with the court to have mercy on Mr. Kwadwo Owusu Afriyie and Mr. Hopeson Adorye to ward off disintegration in the country. She further explained on Okay FM that records have proven that when there is any clash in an community or nation, women and children go through extreme woes.

“We plead with the judges to consider the lives of the women and children in this country. They should do away with the past and kindly set Sir John free”, she respectfully requested.