Relationships – You Deserve Better!!!! Read And Learn!

I know right now someone that treasure so much is trying to ignore you. You are doing whatever it takes for both of you to be happy and to last forever but h/she does not see any value in that. You are sacrificing every little thing you have for that person but he or she doesn’t appreciate it. You are risking your life and heart in many ways but that dude or babe of yours is taking you for granted. You daily call and text that person whom you consider to be your “HEAVEN SENT ANGEL” but all that means nothing to him or her. You cry, plead and even sometimes you ask for forgiveness even when you are not guilty or wrong, but that person you take to be special doesn’t value that. That person no longer has time for you; He/she is full of excuses all the time. Seriously, that person does dirty games behind your back, cheats on you, yells at you, insults you and dis-respects you. But you never got tired of forgiving him or her just because you have too much LOVE for him/her.

Listen, your so called sweetheart is hurting you intentionally because h/she knows that you are addicted to him or her. That person thinks that your life can’t go on without him or her. Just look at yourself now! You are in so much pain, you make yourself busy with work and other stuffs, you keep on telling your friends that you are fine but the truth is you are not happy at all. You are just confused and you don’t know what to do. One side of your heart is telling you to move on while the other tells you to hold on. You have some hope that h/she will change with time but the situation worsens each day. You are now like his or her slave. Years are going, you are growing old but you are wasting your time with that someone who takes you as a part time lover! Come on!!!! For how long???

How long would you endure being treated as a slave?

Its high time you let go!
Let go of the people who do not want to become a part of your life!
Let them go!
You deserve better…..
If only you would let them go!