Government Scraps Lecturers Book, Research All Allowance

The government is to abolish the current Book and Research Allowances being enjoyed by University lecturers.

Instead, government is considering merging all the research allowances into one to be known as, the “National Research Fund”.

Mr Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, the Deputy Minister of Education, in-charge of Tertiary Education, said “instead of spreading the research allowance to individual lecturers, such that one gets 500 or 600 dollars which cannot do any serious research, we are putting all of them together.”

He said the seven million dollars which government spends yearly as book and research allowance, would be incorporated into the fund, for which lecturers or students would have to present research proposals for approval, before disbursement.

He noted that Ghana is among the few countries in the world which do not have such a fund.

He was speaking at this year’s deeper Life National Campus Congress held on Friday, on the theme, “Reaching your utmost height”.