[Confession] The Groom-To-Be Cheated On His Fiancee, Had s*x With An HIV Positive Lady!!! Read And Learn!

I have a female friend in my place of work who is HIV positive. I am the only one that is aware of her status. I stand by her and advice on how she can go about her normal life. I pity her a lot; she has no relationship because of her HIV status. Today,I received a call from her that she wants me to advice her on what just happened between her
and our co-worker. She began to explain how she had unprotected s*x with the guy. I became so annoyed. I shouted at her, I asked her why she allowed such thing to happen when she knows her status.
She explained how the guy came to pick her up for party and later took her to his place late at night. She said she never had the intention of being intimate with the guy but the guy insisted. She said that when the guy was adamant,she succumbed to the guy’s
pressure,and asked him of condom. The guy said he did not have condom,that she should not worry that he trusts her. She said she did not want the guy to know her status, moreover she too needed the s*x badly after a long period of not being intimate. Eventually,they did it. The problem now is that she said after the s*x,the guy told her that he is preparing for his wedding
ceremony which would hold in December. After the breaking news,she became worried knowing great damage she might have caused the guy. She said she has been crying since the incident. She said I should advice her on what to do. I said she should call the company doctor for advice because
it was the doctor that discovered she has been infected and helped her to bury the secret to avoid losing her job. She said she can’t call the doctor because the doctor always warn her not have unprotected s*x with anybody. I asked her to tell the guy himself so that he can know the condition of
things before going further to have unprotected s*x with his fiancee or any other girl.

Guys, Ladies….. Be careful, ABSTINENCE is the best for unmarried people. FAITHFULNESS is the key for the married.