“Anything can happen” – Elikem tells Beverly

Source: bigbrotherafrica


Beverly has made history by becoming the first Chasemate to sail through the season without being Nominated. Well, that’s if Elikem decides to put someone else up should he Save himself tonight.

During a conversation with Elikem and Melvin this morning shortly after Nominations wrapped, the lingerie model couldn’t hold back her excitement at the prospect of making history. “This is amazing! Being the first Housemate to go through the entire season without being put up for possible Eviction! Wow,” she said as she jumped for joy.

When Elikem reminded Bev that she is not out of the woods yet because of tonight’s Save and Replace, the Nigerian told him, “I have a feeling my name will not come up tonight,” she said, as fellow countryman Melvin looked on.

Elikem told her “Don’t relax too much. Anything can happen. There are people who have made it to the final week and have been evicted before,” the Ghanaian said.

Could this conversation with Beverly possibly change Elikem’s Save and Replace decision tonight?

Instead of possibly putting Angelo up, could Beverly be a mouthwatering prospect for the gallows? If Elikem doesn’t Swap her, she is guaranteed a spot in the Top 5.

This morning’s Nomination Sessions were the final Nominations of the season. Whoever finds themselves in the House next Monday is a stride away from a stunning USD 300 000.