VIDEO: Man Kicked In The Testicles 10 Times, He Didn’t Blink

This guy has balls.

In the nutty video above, a man dares another to kick him in the groin as hard as he can 10 times. If he flinches, he’ll pay the kicker $25. That’s the deal.

So the kicker, with a pal watching, takes the man up on his offer with Beckham-like ferocity, slamming shoe after shoe into the man’s privates. Real or not, the video, posted Aug. 9 on YouTube, will either make you double over in laughter or double over in pain.

As Men’s Health notes, the gonads and the gut trigger the same pain receptors, so that’s why the impact spreads to a guy’s stomach and can make him puke.

But not this dude apparently.

In our insatiable curiosity at Information Nigeria, we have a few questions to address about the video:

    • If the man were wearing a protective cup, a) wouldn’t it still hurt anyway?; and b) wouldn’t the kicker have felt it?
    • Is it possible the man has no testicles? Or no equipment at all?
    • Or is it possible the guy (or girl) is anesthetized by alcohol or other means? (The YouTube description states he was arrested hours later but does not say why.)
  • Or is the whole thing just one staged scrotal stunt to make us laugh and scratch our heads. That takes balls, too.