Africa roots for Elikem to win Big Brother Africa The Chase

Entertainment of Sunday, 11 August 2013

Source: Ernest Dela Aglanu


Ghana’s first ever Big Brother Africa reality show finalist, Elikem Kumordzi seems to have won the hearts of Africans as many have tipped him to win the grand prize.

The Ghanaian became the first housemate to book a place in the final of this season’s show – The Chase – after he won the Head of House task Friday.

With only two key evictions to go before the finale, Elikem has his faith sealed as he is not up for eviction this week.

By winning the Head of House task Friday, the Ghanaian will become the Head of House come Monday and will have the power to save himself from possible eviction – the last before the final.

Ghana’s history in the reality show

Elikem’s feet surpasses earlier attempts by the country since the show’s inception in 2003. Samuel Kwame Bampoe (Sammy ‘B’) represented Ghana in the first edition of the show and lasted 70 days in the house.

Kwaku Asamoah Tutu (Kwaku ‘T’) represented Ghana in the second season of the show in 2007 and also lasted 70 days in the house. Wihelmina (Mimi) Abu-Andani, who represented Ghana in the 2008 edition spent 56 days.

Sammy ‘B’ was back in the reality show representing Ghana in the Big Brother Africa All Stars edition in 2010. He voluntarily left the show due to medical reasons after spending only 33 days.

In 2011 (Big Brother Africa Amplified), Alex Bomaye Biney and Confidence Haugen represented Ghana. They lasted 70 and 42 days respectively.

Lovers, Keitta and Mildred (Eazzy), and comedian DKB represented Ghana at last year’s edition of the reality show dubbed Big Brother Africa StarGame. Mildred was evicted after just 28 days in the show while DKB was disqualified on the 29th day. Keitta was evicted from the reality after spending 77 days in the house.

A new dawn

For the first time this year, Elikem becomes the first housemate to win the Head of House and also “Power of No” in the same week. The Power of No gives the power to a housemate to prevent another housemate from taking part in the Head of House task. Elikem used the Power of No against Ethiopian housemate Bimp.

Several comments have poured in after Elikem was guaranteed a spot in the finale. Some fans who commented on the Big Brother Africa website prayed the Ghanaian win the US$300,000 grand prize.

A fan posted: “I am happy for Elikem; he won the head of house at the most crucial time. I am a Nigerian, but I hope that he wins BBA 2013. He deserves it more than any of the other housemates. He is kind and quite entertaining. Despite the fact that his fellow housemates constantly persecute him, for no justifiable reason, he still shows them love.”

Another also said: “I am a south African, I voted him over Sulu coz he is emotionally matured, to him winning the finale would be cherry on top, he mentioned it several times. He never talked about himself being in the top 5, he was prepared for whatever outcome. He is humble and respectful, I like him for that. But I didn’t like his triangle with Fatima and Pokello though.”

A third fan commented: “God knows This [guy] has done a very good Job and will be celebrated like a Hero in Ghana when the show ends. He has given his all, triumph even when odds were against him, it takes a brave heart to conquer the obstacles that had fallen along his path…Tears of Joy!

“Let’s not make this a country or a West Africa, North Africa thing…. there is something to learn from it.. when all housemates were calling him a kid and immature he knew is strengths,… was never violent… and now everyone sees how it’s paid off…. be confident in yourself and one day just one day it will pay off.. Good Job man… I really learnt a lot from you…. Now Nando who is the KID,” a fourth fan said.


Evicted Zimbabwean representative Pokello Nare, who developed a strong bond with Elikem, during her stay in the reality show could not hide her joy after the Ghanaian made it to the finale.

The Zimbabwean beauty took to social networking site Twitter to express her excitement saying she was confident the Ghanaian was going to make it to the finale.

She tweeted that: “My heart never lied to me. HOH all the way to the final! I believed in you then and I believe in you now,” and added that: “Ghana stand and be counted!!! Elikem runs the city!”