[Advice Needed] She Told Lies About Me To Her Parents. What Should I Do?

frustratedDear Tee,
I have always loved this girl. She betrayed my trust and said silly things about me. She told lies about me to her parents. She told them I always demand for money from her because they are well to do. I never did that. Her parents never listened to me, but sent me away. I have never felt embarrassed. What do I do? How do I move on from the hurt?

O. F.

Dear O. F.
I think the deed has been done. Since you are honest about the whole incidence that happened. Please just put your mind off it like it never happened. Move on with your life and raise your shoulder high, you are responsible for your own happiness. You deserve a partner who would not ‘bad-mouth’ you to others.
Wish you well,

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