[Advice Needed] My Wife Frustrates Me! Please Help!!!

imagesFIGHTDear tee,
My wife makes life unbearable for me. Ever since I got married to her, I have known no peace. She is always accusing me of cheating on her and calls me all sort of names. I treat her nicely, but she never respects me. What should I do?

Dear A,
I think you should be very patient with your wife. You should really understand her….what do you think her likes and dislikes are? I believe your wife can’t just wake up one morning and start to fight with you, there must be a particular cause for it. Why not try to overlook some things, I mean some of her actions? It is not everything she does to you that would require you to shout or get mad at her. Try to overlook some things. Accept her weaknesses. Create time to talk with her gently. Surprise her with gifts…. Just call her to tell her know that you love her. Don’t argue or fight with her, even if she continues to dis-respect you. Continue to love her. With time, your care and love would overwhelm her and she would change her attitude.
All the best,