[Advice Needed] My Ex Is My Closest Friend, But My Fiancee WantS Me To Stop Hanging Out With Her!!! What Should I Do?

images (2)Dear Tee,
My fiancee said I should stop talking with my ex girl. Personally, I don’t have any feelings for my ex again and I cannot date her again, but we hang out a lot. She is my closest friend. I see a future with my fiancee, but she would not understand that we are friends that just hang out. I don’t want to lose them both, what should I do?


Dear Kay,
Your fiancee would never understand that you are friends, trust me. Also, you only trust your motive for being friends with your ex, do you know if she wants you back in her life? Careful, because desperate ladies can go length to get what they want. Sincerely, she is your ex! Let her be an ex! Let old things pass away! Let her go! Stop holding on to someone that would ruin your relationship. Concentrate on your girl who you really see a future with! Hang out with your fiancee and let her be your closest friend. Don’t hang out with your ex, rather spend that time with your girl and build a better relationship.

All the best,