[Advice Needed] I Am 18 And She Is 21, Do We Have A Chance Together In The Future?

images (2)Dear Tee,
I am a guy of 18 years and I am in love with a lady of 21 years. She is a 200L student at the University Of Abuja and I am a 100L student at the University of Ilorin. I really want to marry her in the future but people are telling me that she is too old. I am confused as I can’t do without her. I really want to know if there’s a chance for both of us. She’s really beautiful beyond what words can express. She’s ok with my age. Please I really don’t know what to do.

Dear J,
I think you should really concentrate on your studies for now. You still have a long way to go… you are in 100 level, it= think you should face your studies squarely and come out with a good grade. Many wish they can start again…. I don’t want you to have that wish later in life, so start building a good CGPA for yourself now. She is beautiful, yea! You have see anything yet, you would see more beauties as you go on in life. On the other hand, age is just a number if two people are really in love. If a man thinks that he would be proud of his lady outside without feeling somehow about the age thing, there is no big deal because as I mentioned, age is just a number….love, respect and understanding is what matters.