8 Amazing Facts About s*x And Love!!!

1. s*x is NOT love. Love is not s*x.

2. You can have s*x AND not be in love. You can be in love & not engage in s*x.

3. A man may hate you and still have s*x with you. Be wise.

4. Using s*x to manipulate a man will eventually fail.

5. It is self deception to think that giving him s*x will make him love you.

6. True Love will never force you to engage in s*x. A lover who forces you to engage in s*x is fake and should be avoided.

7. If he tells you to ‘prove your love’ by having s*x with him. He is only using you. Run…..he is fake.

8. Making yourself his ‘s*x slave’ is foolish. Love will never shame or degrade.