We Will Celebrate Election Petition Win – Anita De Soso

National Women Organizer of the ruling National Democratic Congress(NDC), Anita De Soso says supporters of her party will jubilate if her party wins the verdict of the supreme court on the 2012 election.

Her comment is in contradiction of the Ghana Catholic Bishops Conference (GCBC) call on Ghanaians not to celebrate or join any celebration after the Supreme Court gives its verdict on the election petition case.

According to the GCBC, such celebrations may incite others to cause chaos and that may lead to misunderstanding or conflict in the country.

“We will appeal to all Ghanaians to be calm and before and after the verdict and refrain from provocative actions and utterances that can lead to violence and conflict’’, the GCBC said.

But speaking on Montie fm’s Adekyie Mu Nsem on Friday, Madam De Sosoo stated emphatically that members and sympathizers of NDC will jubilate if they won the election petition before the Supreme Court.

She however says that though her party will celebrate a win, it will be in moderation.

Madam De Soso asked why the very institutions suggesting that no one should jubilate if they won, watched when the NPP jubilated over the NDC when they won the previous elections.

“In 2001 when handed over to them (NPP), they celebrated, they did same in 2004. But in 2009, those same institutions told us not to celebrate because were too small. But if elders of our party tell us not to celebrate we will abide by it.’’

De Soso is confident jubilation would not affect the peace the country is enjoying, adding that the NDC leadership had cautioned its members against any misbehavior and she believes NPP had done same.