Victoria Hammah Lacks Experience – Andy Awuni

Former Presidential Spokesperson and Press Secretary to former President Kufour, Andy Awuni has described the Deputy Minister of Communication, Ms Victoria Hammah’s reaction to her unedited speech at the meeting with communication experts as a lack of experience.

Victoria Hammah requested for an edited speech while reading an unedited one at a public gathering in Accra.

The voice clip went viral on websites and social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Speaking on Eye Witness News, Mr Awuni said “the Minister should have considered the fact that she was at a public gathering, and found a way of getting out of the situation rather than making the situation so obvious to the general public.”

“If a speech is being read and certain aspects of the speech are not understood, the speech should be read in a way that will make it understandable to everyone.”

He further stated the Minister should be held responsible for what happened since “she did not take time to read through the speech before making the presentation” adding that “if the Minister should have not read the speech to the public since she did not go through it”

“It is proper for young people to assume leadership positions but there is a clear difference between young people who have experience and know what to do and young people who do not have experience in many ways”

According to him, “the young minister had the opportunity to read through the speech but she failed to do so and that accounted for the mistakes she made.”