Sophia Akuoko Donates To The Muslims Community And Urges Them To Accept SC Verdict

Muslims across the country yesterday celebrated the annual Eid-ul-Fitr festival after a month of fasting and prayers. During the celebration of the event, Madam Sophia Akuoko seized the opportunity to donate several items to Muslims in her constituent and advised them to accept the outcome of the Supreme Court verdict.

As the 2012 parliamentarian candidate for the National Democratic Congress in the Dome Kwabenya Constituency, she advised the youth to welcome the verdict in good faith even if it would elude their hopes.

During her presentation of the items worth a whopping GHC 7,000 to the Muslim community, she maintained that safeguarding the peace of the nation is vital than one’s political interest.

She called on Allah to continue showering His blessings on President Mahama’s administration and stated that although the petitioners had cited her constituency as a place where massive electoral fraud took place, she knows the same God would vindicate them in the end.