Sir John And Hopeson Adorye’s Punishment Should Be Lighter – Kweku Baako

General Secretary for the New Patriotic Party, Mr. Kwadwo Owusu Afriyie and Hopeson Adorye must be thankful to their stars as lots of seasoned social commentators have launched a campaign on their behalf to get the Supreme Court Judges reduce their impending punishment to one that can fit on their shoulders.

Although the justices are yet to crack the whip and charge them for possible contempt, Mr. Kweku Baako has appealed that in place of harsher penalties, they be fined or made to sign a bond.

The editor of the New Crusading Guide launched this appeal on Joy FM’s News File and prayed the two don’t suffer the same faith of the earlier culprits. Available records, according to Mr. Baako proves that Mr. Ken Kuranchie of the Daily Searchlight and Mr. Steven Atubiga of the NDC suffered the wrath of the court when they flouted its authority.

According to him, should the justices overlook the comments made by Mr. Afriyie and Mr. Adorye without acting on it, people might someday ask questions about events that led to the dilution of the awesome power given to the court. He however called on a reproach that would be lighter than the ones the earlier culprits endured.

In another observation, Mr. Baako noted that he is surprised that the “pursuit of the animal called contempt” has resurrected in this crucial times. He explained that everyone has been taken by surprise because it was clear case the petition had reached its peak.

Ghanaians in his view were now focused on the addresses, post addresses and the judgment. He ended by stating that it would have been tactful and expedient to have ignored the issue of contempt at this stage.