Coaches for disabled sports end training

Other Sports of Tuesday, 6 August 2013 Source: Daily Graphic Participants in a one-week para-sports coaching seminar say they have learnt how to practically teach the sport to disabled athletes.The course, undertaken by over 30 coaches for disabled sports, was supervised by German para-sports coaching expert, Peter Richarz, who taught participants how to interact with the disabled, the effective use of the wheelchair on grass, stone, and hilly areas and how to roll the wheelchair during a competitive event.Basketball coaches who attended the seminar learnt how para-athletes could position themselves when passing, throwing and shooting into the net. They also learnt the positioning of the wheelchair in any of these events.Football coaches who participated learnt effective positioning for good passing of the ball, skills on effective usage of the ball and how to minimise exhaustion during a match.Coaches in rugby, handball, volleyball and badminton, who took part in the workshop, learnt new ways of handling athletes during matches and new techniques and skills to impart to athletes.Peter Richarz was confident this was the right basis for the take-off of a successful disabled sporting activity in the country.Participants were presented with certificates and souvenirs.