BATTERED comes to Accra in soon

Movies of Saturday, 10 August 2013

Source: Cookey


Battered a movie produced by the dynamic and multi talented actress Fatima Jabbe which is geared to be premiere in London on the 28th September, 2013 at the Odeon Cinema in Greenwich, London is hyping the momentum in Nollywood Movie making in the UK, people who have seen the film said is the film to beat in 2013.

Soon, movie enthusiasts in Accra will see the movie first hand. Everyone is now looking forward to the much talked about film, which now creates a beautiful ambiance ahead of the premiere first time in Sub-Sahara Africa.

Miss Jabbe who is nominated for this year’s African Oscars in the USA wrote the story of Battered and played the lead role in it. The film is directed by the legendary Lanre Balogun who also played the lead role.

Battered is about domestic violence in the home. Violence against woman is an obstacle to the achievement of equality, development and peace. Ann is a victim of crucial social mechanisms by which women are forced into a subordinate position compared with men. She shot her Fiancé Derek because her heart was full of pains from torture and other cruel, inhuman, degrading treatment and punishment she suffered in the hands of Derek. She narrowly escapes court charges because of an alibi from a friend Tina who was with her on the day of the incident. Watch out for Battered, a movie that will keep your eyes on the screen without blinking.

Fatima Jabbe has refused to say if Battered is a true story about her life all she can say is that a lot of women and men will know someone who has gone through something like this and yet still they don’t have any solution to their situation.