Who Is Actress Halima Abubakar Fooling?

She was once tagged a bad girl of Nollywood when she bared it all, exposing her n^dity, that’s a couple of years back.

The ‘born again’ Halima recently declared in a TV interview ‘Sunrise’ at Channels TV as artiste of the week last Tuesday that the only think she can’t do for $1m is to go n^d3.

Hear her response, ‘For the fact that I’m a responsible woman, and I love and respect my country, and of course my family, I would not take a role that has to do with baring it all.you known^dity.’

Halima went ahead to say she could consider wearing a bikini in a movie role for that amount of money but it was so shocking to hear this because, the time she went n^d3, she actually did it for no cost! So, who is Halima fooling here?

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