What happened to Funke Akindele was unfortunate – AGN boss

Funke Akindele

The Chairman of the Actors Guild of Nigeria, Abuja Chapter, Onwurah Agility, has expressed concern over the controversy surrounding the breakup of the marriage between Popular Nollywood actress, Funke Akindele, and Almaroof  Oloyede .

In an interview with our correspondent, Agility described the development as unfortunate, adding that some marriages were not meant to be.

Agility said, “The fact that I am an actor does not mean I have to die in my marriage, particularly if it is not working out. We are humans like others, blood runs in our veins like other people.

“Nollywood marriages are not different from other marriages. But because we are the mirror, of the society, the face of the screen and role models to many people, if there is a problem in our marriage, it becomes a subject for general discussions. So many people in the industry have been married for many years without seeking divorce.

“What happened to Funke is unfortunate. But it seems the couple were not to be husband and wife and she has learnt her lessons. It could have been anybody.

“The assumption that actors’ marriages don’t last is very wrong. I have been married for five years and still counting. Likewise so many other actors in the industry.”

Earlier, while confirming the breakup with Oloyede, Akindele said she had learnt from her mistakes and bore no grudge against him.

“Yes my marriage has crashed. Let the people who are laughing at me continue to laugh. My job, after all, is to make people laugh. Let those who are without sin or mistakes cast the first stone. Let them continue judging me. God is the overall judge; He is the one I look up to.

“It is my private life. I know I am a public figure but I am entitled to some privacy, at least. What has happened has happened; no one is beyond mistakes. I will take corrections from this and apply where necessary from now on. I bear Mr. Kehinde Oloyede no ill feelings,” the actress said.