Trade Ministry Justifies Moves To Lift Ban On Scrap Exports

The Trade Ministry has justified its moves to allow for the export of ferrous scrap after an earlier ban.

The Trade Ministry had earlier announced government’s intention to suspend the ban on the export of ferrous metal from the country.

A new revised Ferrous Scrap Export Bill expected to be laid before Parliament when the House resumes in October will make it legal on reasonable basis to export ferrous scrap with the payment of export levy on the scrap by the dealers.

Justifying the revision, acting Director of Communications and Public Affairs at the Ministry, Nana Akrasi Sarpong said the move will only affect scraps that have been rejected by the local steel companies.

Nana Akrasi Sarpong said exporters of the ferrous scrap will be mandated to pay export levy on the scrap under the new bill.