The plight of Ghanaian students on GetFund scholarship In UK

 The light of Ghanaian students on GetFund Scholarship In Uk

Dear sir/madam,

My name is William Opoku, a student on GETfund scholarship at the University of Coventry in the UK. I would humbly like to bring to your urgent attention the difficulties myself and other colleagues from Ghana who are on GETfund scholarship here in the UK, are going through, and to seek your kind assistance to bring this issue to the attention of government and the relevant authorities for redress.

Since we arrived here in September 2012 to start our studies, we have not been paid anything from GETfund by way of our living allowances. This situation has left many of us stranded in the UK, finding it extremely difficult to even put body and soul together. As I speak, I am putting up with a colleague from Kenya, because I have been thrown out of school accommodation due to my inability to pay my accommodation bills. We have made several calls to GETfund regarding our plight to no avail, on some occasions, the authorities either do not answer our calls or they simply hang-up on us.

The situation we currently find ourselves in is likely to make a lot of us unable to complete our studies successfully if government and GETfund do not come to our aid. It is in this light that I wish to appeal to you to use your platform to bring this issue to the attention of government. You can contact me on the above mobile number to shed further light on the situation: +44(0) 7936979031.

I hope to hear from soon.