Supermom celebrates outstanding orphanages

The second episode of Supermom Season Four will celebrate two important orphanages and their achievements. They are the Children of Promise Orphanage and Total Parental Guidance Orphanage, Lagos.

The producers of the popular reality TV say they decided to focus on both orphanages because of their commitment to raising children from different parts of the country, irrespective of their ethnic background.

CHIPROM is noted for its outstanding method of turning helpless children into useful members of the society.  The orphanage was founded by Pastor Oladayo Idowu, a native of Igbajo, Osun State. Its current matron, Mrs. Juliana Oyetola, has been working at the orphanage since 2005.

One of the products of the orphanage, Sade, was taken from her mentally-challenged mother and handed to CHIPROM by neighbours who feared she might be endangered. Oyetola accepted the child and took care of her. Initially, she was worried about Sade’s reluctance to mingle with other children of the orphanage.

At a point, the matron started believing that the child was deaf and dumb. Then, one day she heard Sade talking to a playmate. That encounter gladdened her heart and confirmed that her efforts were finally paying off.

Also, the Total Parental Guidance Orphanage was founded in November 2008. It is said to be known for its contribution to nation-building through an integrated positive training programme for orphans.

“We need to celebrate mothers, who, without bias, raised children that did not that belong to them. By this noble gesture, they have shown that water can be thicker than blood”, the executive producer of Supermom, Sola Fajobi, says.