Mistakes a guy will judge you for on the first date

Mistakes a guy will judge you for on the first date

No first dates in the living room

First impressions always count; your first date with a guy can send a different message about you. As much as you should be yourself during your date, avoid these mistakes as much as possible that is if he is not in for a one night stand

Absolutely no first dates in the living room — yours or his. This sends the wrong message to a man. It tells him that you are entirely too comfortable too soon. If you spend the first date on his couch, where will you spend the second?

Grandma said it best: “Ain’t nothing open after midnight but legs.” The later the hour the more relaxed you become. This makes it especially hard to pay attention to detail, which is imperative on a first date.

Plus, dates scheduled earlier in the day allow for more flexibility. For example, if you hit it off, you may want to add another activity to the date that wasn’t originally planned. Can you do that at 2 a.m.?

Men are visual. The first thing we see often determines the first thing we think, so remember to dress appropriately on a first date. Yes, be sexy, but don’t let it all hang out. Leave something for the imagination; guessing is a good thing, as it will add to a man’s intrigue.

4.No job interviews
“Where do you work?” “How much do you make?” “What are your future plans?” No one likes to be interrogated on a first date. Cultivating conversation and listening intently will reveal everything that you need to know about him. Give it time.

Believe it or not, men are often nervous on first dates too. Smile and be approachable. He is busy trying to make a good first impression with you so do not make it difficult.

6.No marriage talks (m-bombs)
Watch those “m-bombs” on date one, ladies. Take it easy. Too serious and intimate of a conversation can potentially scare him off.

7.Do not talk about sex (unless you want to have sex)
Just not on the first date. Your conversation tells a lot about where your mind is and reveals pieces of your character. Men observe this and act accordingly. Conversation goes a long way in creating the perceptions of the mind. Remember that.

8.Do not invite him over for “biscuits”
Go Home Alone!!!It’s true, we are all adults, and we have the right to do what we please with our bodies. That said, when you’re looking to establish a healthy relationship, sex on the first date is a very bad idea. I repeat, when you’re looking to establish a HEALTHY relationship, sex on the first date is a very bad idea.

9.Do not feel insecure
Be confident!!