Knocks for cheating husbands in Lies Men Tell

Nollywood actress cum producer, Uche Jombo, has been very busy churning out movies. Still relishing the success of her last works, titled A Mother’s Flight and Misplaced, respectively, she has just released two new works, False and Lies Men Tell.

For Uche, who appeared in False alongside Kate Henshaw and Kalu Ikeagwu, both movies provided an opportunity to explore the familiar theme of marital infidelity. The plot focuses on the drab love life of a dutiful housewife (Kate Henshaw), whose husband falls in love with a strange woman, and the vulnerability of most Nigerians to what is now known as ‘Blackberry Messenger romance’.

One thing leads to another and the stranger (Uche Jombo), now hooked on BBM romance, takes her game a little too far. In vain, Kalu tries to save his marriage and gets caught in a web of murder. This is a classic case of BBM romance gone too far.

In Lies Men Tell, the same theme is explored as an ‘adulterous’ Desmond Elliot tells lies copiously to have his way with women. There are accusations and counter-accusations of infection with sexually transmitted diseases.

The release of both movies coincides with the celebration of Uche Jombo’s month on Africa Magic Entertainment on DSTV.