Illegal Number Plates: 16 Arrested Drivers Freed

16 drivers who were arrested by the Greater Accra Motor Traffic and Transport Department on the 30th of July this year, for using illegal number plates have been set free. The department says their arrest is to serve as a deterrent for motorists, who use illegal car number plates.

On the 30th of July this year, the Motor Traffic and Transport Department of the greater Accra region arrested 16 motorists, for using illegal car number plates in the country.

This followed a tip off by the Driver and Vehicular Licensing Authority,DVLA of the upsurge in the use of such number plates. These number plates look like the original plates but vary in terms of the characteristics.

These include the color of the plates, the font and size among others. Some of the arrested culprits who spoke to Ghana news said they were ignorant of its authenticity. In an interview with the officer in charge of Operations and Investigations at the Motor Traffic and Transport Department, the arrested culprits have now been set free after cautioning them.

Asp Suleymana Junior was quick to add that any further arrest would not be compromised. Officials of the Motor Traffic and transport department, together with stakeholders such as the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority and the national road safety commission, will embark on a sensitization campaign to educate people on the genuine car number plate.

He cautioned the public that the DVLA is the only institution mandated by government to register and issue car number plates.