Having A Baby Won’t Affect Our Music Career —Oshadipe Twins Speak

Penultimate week, First Weekly Magazine published a story about one of the Oshadipe Twins, Taiwo, who had a child, a boy, out of wedlock for the boss of Little Saints Orphanage, Captain Jide George. The story was kept under wrap from fans until we brought it to the public domain. Last week Sunday, First Weekly caught up with the talented singers at an event and they bore their minds on their music, life and the child. They also talked about how the incident has affected their music career.

So how has it been so far

It has been good, only that we went on break, but we are now back and better. We are back in the studio preparing to release new singles. We don’t want to disappoint our fans but give them the best as usual.

Why did you have to go for a break

Well, there is a time in your life when you take a back seat to re-evaluate yourself and do some personal things. We just had to take that time off, but we are back and better now. We have been in the industry for a long time and our name surely rings bell. It has been by God’s grace, we have been long in the game.

Professionally, how long have you been in music

It is over a decade now, I think about 12 years now.

What have been the challenges

Well, it has been fun and also the fact that we are females has helped us. The fact that we started as a gospel group has also been a challenge too because people confuse us for secular artistes.

What kind of music do you do

We are gospel artistes any day, anytime. We see ourselves as ministers of God. Why they misinterprete our style of music is because we have modernized the deeply rooted style of gospel music. But as time goes on, all that will change.

How have you coped with sexual advances from men

If I say they have not been coming, we will be lying, but the thing is that we have set a goal for ourselves. The industry is highly populated by men and we have to make it through. Nigeria is a country, where you lobby for things even if you merit it. Even if you have what it takes and you don’t know how to lobby, hmm there is a problem.

What about the recent report about one of you (Taiwo) having a child out of wedlock

Well, we don’t have anything to say about that. We will like to talk about our music. That’s our personal life. We are not denying the fact that one of us just had a baby and we are happy about that. It is a good thing.

Do you think it is going to affect your music career

No, I don’t think it will affect us at all. It has not affected it. We have fans that love and understand us. We are happy about that.

When are you planning to settle down

Well, settling down as a woman all depend on God, but very soon we will do that very soon.

There is this perception that your closeness to the government has helped you career

I will say that we have become close to these top government officials by merit and not by any other thing. Some of them are impressed by our performances and they invite us for their events. Our state’s first lady (Ondo) invited us to come home to perform. The Deputy Governor of Oyo State also did and so many like that.

Who is that dream person you wish would come to see you performing

That would be the President (Goodluck Jonathan). We have not performed before him before. It is going to be historic if he comes to see us performing and we are looking forward to that.

How do you unwind

We do that by sharing our problems with ourselves and encouraging each other.

What is your best fashion item

Taiwo; I love wrist watches and I am wearing a Rolex. Kehinde; I love shoes.

What can you close your bank account to acquire

Kehinde; I can close my bank account for jewelry and invest in that. Taiwo; I love gold and bags. I don’t like carrying a particular bag for too long.

Your message to your fans

Well, we want to thank our fans for being there for us. We also want to thank our parents, friends, our manager and the media for supporting us all these while.

Culled from First Weekly Magazine.

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