Eva shares molestation experience

As more celebrities speak up against child abuse and molestation, fast rising Nigerian rapper, Eva Alodiah, shared her personal experience on her blog earlier in the week.

      In the post, the artiste,  who is in a sizzling romance with Charly Boy’s son, Alexander Oputa, revealed that she was molested at a tender age.

The post partly reads, “ I had my six-year-old vagina prickled with fingers and nails that left sores for days! I felt like a total loser of a girl. I was traumatised for a long time. For a couple of years after that, I asked myself several questions. I was not to find answers to if I didn’t seek help. So I did! And I let it all go. But not until I made sure I didn’t feel like such a wimp of a girl who couldn’t defend herself.”