BBA The Chase: Dillish mounts Elikem

BBA The Chase: Dillish mounts Elikem

Dillish gave Elikem some special attention in the early hours of the Friday morning.

Well, what do we have here? As the Chasemates prepared for bed after a sexy, fun time in the Jacuzzi, Elikem got a delicious rubdown from Namibia’s Dillish.

The sexy Chasemates, who seem to have chemistry, despite the fact that they are attached to other people, gave their fellow Housemate a show.

As Elikem lay on his taut tummy, Dillish jumped on his back and put body lotion on his back.

Elikem of course saw this as an opportunity to score a free massage. “I have kinks on my back and need a massage,” he said, as Dillish got to work.

We noticed the chemistry between these two early this week after Elikem and Dillish spent their stay in the House side-stepping each other awkwardly.

These days, these two are firm friends and make up the quartet called the Musketeers, whose other members are Melvin and Cleo. However, their chemistry is undeniable.

Many of the boys in the House have been tripping over themselves to get close to Dillish. It’s no secret that Nigeria’s Melvin has a huge crush on Dillish.

Unfortunately he hasn’t managed to score so much as a kiss. Cleo, Dillish and Feza are up for possible Eviction this week.