Woman Crash-Lands At Mamobi

Resident of the Mamobi neighbourhood in Accra, especially those who believe in witchcraft, had a lot to brood over last Sunday and Monday after a woman dropped from the ceiling of a room from nowhere and landed on a bed.

According to Evans Ocquaye, whose household received the suspected witch, he was in his room on the night of last Sunday when a deafening noise startled him.

His daughter, who had gone out to urinate, returned to the room only to find a stranger whose mysterious emergence from the ceiling had left in its wake a gaping hole.

She rushed to her father, who had been woken from sleep in the chamber by the unusual large noise created by the crash-landing.

When he proceeded to the room from where the noise emanated, in the company of his daughter, he found the strange woman standing.

He proceeded to question the stranger about her mission and had this for an answer: “I was being pursued by some strangers and I suddenly found myself here.” The answer added to the mystery of the occurrence.

The response sounded cock-and-bullish and so Evans proceeded to the Nima Police Station with his intruding stranger as those who heard about the story started to hazard all manner of conjectures mostly bordering on the esoteric.

Detective Lance Corporal Bridgett Nyarko Kusi, the investigator in the case, said while on duty at about 11:30pm on Sunday, Evans Ocquaye, the complaint, came to report that the suspect, Ayeley Kweku, had dropped into the room of his daughter from the ceiling.

Suspect Ayeley Kweku, the detective added, was cautioned for appearing on the premises unlawfully and causing damage.

She is on bail as investigations into the case continue.

The incident of the crash-landing left the domain of aviation for the esoteric when the phenomenon of “witches” appearing in strange environments, mostly in the rooms of people they do not know, became rife.

The Mamobi incident has come after a long lull, reigniting people’s interest in the strange phenomenon of person’s strangely veering off their intended routes as they spiritually head for some destinations.

It would be interesting to find out what the outcome of the police investigations would be, given the esoteric underpinnings of this case.