Reality Zone: Prophetic revelations – Are the Police watching?

Reality Zone: Prophetic revelations - Are the Police watching?

Vicky Wireko Andoh

Today and the coming few days are going to be the most apprehensive moments for Ghanaians since the Supreme Court started hearing the petition case.

Many have long prophesied what they think the outcome would be after today’s verbal addresses by the parties concerned. What I have not heard is any of the prophets of God speaking on God’s revelation to them concerning the outcome.

I am struggling to understand why, because these same prophets claim on radio and television that God is speaking to them all the time about the anxious moments in the personal lives of their members. Sometimes, they even go to the extent of exposing criminals in their revelations, or reveal information that should have been passed on directly to the police. So, why have they gone silent on the definite outcome of our fate at this crucial time when every Ghanaian is praying?

I chanced on a Saturday morning religious programme that was being shown on one of our television stations the other week. For some reason, I decided to watch to the end, the programme which was mainly on testimonies and prophetic revelations. Serious thoughts about our society, what we do and say in public, our commitment to God and man and many more were running amok in my mind.

On one revelation by the prophet, I asked a rhetorical question, “does anyone in the police service watch these programmes and do they ever take a cue from such programmes?

The prophet in the TV programme was very articulate and had a packed audience listening to him. He was definitely in his best saying and doing all those things that he knew his followers would want to hear. Indeed, the cheers and the shouts that kept coming from the floor attested to the fact.

He re-connected a girl friend who had supposedly been jilted by her man abroad with the man promising marriage soon. With God supposedly revealing telephone numbers to him, he connected a mother to a son overseas and who had not spoken to her for years. Suddenly, renewing afresh the mother and son relationship, the son reveals he was in Ghana and had a gift of a house to her.

Another revelation was about a man who relocated his debtor through a phone number supplied by the prophet. The debtor who had gone underground for years was now surfacing, promising his creditor that he was ready to settle his debts.

One prophetic revelation that puzzled me a bit was on thieves who allegedly broke into a hair dressing salon. According to the story, a woman follower of the prophet had come to seek the latter’s intervention to recover some stolen items including hair dryers from a salon she is looking after at Tema. The prophet was in his elements as he screamed loudly for his congregation to make joyful noises to the Lord.

The prophet was able to reveal the name of the salon in question and the exact day the robbers broke in. He told his congregation that there were three robbers involved and even went to the extent of mentioning their first names! He went on to reveal that the stolen items had been sold cheap to another hairdresser also in Tema and mentioned the lady’s first name. What shocked me most was that he even revealed the telephone number of this lady who bought the stolen goods and asked the victim to talk to her live on television.

The lady admitted buying the stolen items and was ready to give them back to the original owner. The shouts and the screams of the crowd went through the roof. At this point I asked the question, “where is the police PR?” What volunteer information was real than this? I tried calling one police contact I had on my phone just to draw attention but without success.

Can anyone imagine revelations about thieves and their stolen items and a whole crowd cheer on and no action taken? Yet, we are the ones always calling on the police to protect us while the police are also always appealing to us to assist them in their work by volunteering information. Surely such programmes give the police credible information to latch onto.

If we have such instant fixers of our personal problems, then why do we continue to wallow in poverty and hardships? And if such prophets can pray for names and telephone numbers to expose criminals, then, why has the disappearance of the little two year old Kwabena Agyei Henaku and the many cases of child abductions still not been solved?

Some people are using the media to sell their individual interests. We need for media owners to do critical vetting of what they accept to broadcast or telecast. Religious programmes, which have become easy income revenues for these media houses, are not exempted. Some are just playing on the intelligence of their followers.

If these same media houses will see the wrong in allowing poisons to be advertised as curative medicines, for example, it should be equally wrong to accept to broadcast or telecast such programmes that do nothing but insult the intelligence of our people. If for nothing at all, they expose our level of ignorance. Let us stop them where we can.

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