Ghanaians want country’s tax system restructured

Ghanaians want country's tax system restructured

Government is being asked to restructure the tax system of the country, if public compliance with tax payment is to be enhanced.

At the launch of the Ghana afro barometer round five which surveyed public perspectives on tax by governance think tank CDD-Ghana, it emerged most Ghanaians agree with the principle of paying tax, but compliance is hampered by the challenges of the tax system.

At the same time, it will also ensure that government budget is not overstretch as more people will find the need to pay tax.

Joy News’ Joseph Opoku Gakpo who was at the launch said, government has been asked to restructure the tax regime so that people are not overburdened with taxes.

The government was also charged to ensure transparency as well as deal with corruption in the system.

For people to accept and comply with the tax laws, government would have to roll out a plan to educate people on the need to pay tax.

According to the afro barometer Survey, 84% of Ghanaians agree with the principle of tax payment. But 91% perceived tax officials as corrupt, and about 50% of people surveyed said they have no confidence in them.

A large number of Ghanaians also believe Ghana has a high tax regime.