Ghana Rep in the BBA The Chase Elikem an inch closer to finale

Ghana Rep in the BBA The Chase Elikem an inch closer to finale

Ghana has been represented in each edition of the Big Brother Africa competition by Sammi B, Kwaku T, Mimi, Alex, Confidence, Keita, Eazzy, and DKB.

Although the country has appeared in all the editions of the show, it has never won the reality show.

Ernest Dela Aglanu, an Entertainment Journalist/Critic at Multimedia Group Limited has projected that Elikem, who has been in the house for 73 days and counting, is not up for possible eviction this week and considering the way the show is going, there is a greater chance of him being among the final 5 and hopefully winning the US$300,000 cash.

Dela said that Nigeria has two (2) representatives (Beverly and Melvin) which will end up dividing the votes cast from Nigeria should all of them reach the finale.

He noted that, counting on the ‘wind of change’, three (3) consecutive winners, except last year, of the 91-day reality show having been Nigerians, a Nigeria may not win this year’s show paving the way for Elikem.

According to him, it is possible that Elikem will get votes from Zimbabwe courtesy the stings with Pokello and hopefully votes from Sierra Leone and possibly East Africa.

Fingers are tightly crossed as many are yearning to see Ghana win the competition for the first time.

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