Entertainment News from the Heart of Africa! Check out NET’s first-ever ad campaign

By Our Reporters


Nigerian Entertainment Today is excited to unveil our first-ever advertising campaign.

Courtesy of our friends at X3M Ideas, the ads highlight some of what’s most important to us, as a news organisation telling the world about entertainment and celebrities from Nigeria and the rest of Africa.

Our peers and some of those we cover have called our reporters wizkids, for breaking some of the biggest stories of this era; many say we practise journalism worthy of praise; that we dare say the truth where others stay mute. There are those who say we have no mercy, when the truth needs to be told, in the interest of those who matter most: the public.

Most importantly, everyone agrees that once you’ve read it in NET, it must be the truth. That’s because we only trade in fact.

We’re proud to be delivering authentic entertainment news from the heart of Africa; news you can trust and share. News and views that are changing an entire industry for good…

We are excited to share these new creatives from our new ad campaign with you. Please feel free to share!

Thanks always,

Ayeni Adekunle Samuel



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