Celebrity god-sisters to revolutionize Miss Malaika peagent

Celebrity god-sisters to revolutionize Miss Malaika peagent

From [l-r]: Celebrity god-sisters Joslyn Dumas, Hamamat Montia and Sandra Ankobia

Three celebrity god-sisters responsible for mentoring and grooming this year’s Miss Malaika delegates are sure to add a new twist to the whole show.

Tasked to ensure their mentees win the crown plus all the other goodies, the three are also expected to ensure their groups of mentees come top by producing the first and second runner ups of the peagent.

Fashion icon and lawyer Sandra Ankobia will lock horns with actress and TV personality Joslyn Dumas as well as Hamamat Montia, a fashionista and entrepreneur in this regard.

Mentoring Lordina, Lois, Yoda and Abigail, Sandra Ankobia believes every delegate in her group is already a winner.

Describing them as queens in their own rights with or without the crown, she noted that “I have encouraged them to carry themselves like there is an invisible crown on their heads”.

Her group’s name is Queens and they live by the motto: “Beauty is not in the face; beauty is but a light in the heart”.

Joselyn Dumas on the other hand will be the celebrity god sister to Selma, Twumwaa, Priscilla and Naa Oyoe – named team Joselyn. The bubbly actress has advised her team to take the competition seriously and view themselves as individuals competing for just one crown even though they are a group.

Joselyn also asked them to pray constantly, saying she is a testimony of what prayer can do in one’s life. She believes her group has not only the winner of the 2013 Miss Malaika but also the first and second runner up queens.

Vicentia, Aisha, Betty and Eugenia are under the wings of celebrity god- sister Hamamat and they call themselves Group Hamamat. Having won the Miss Malaika pageant in 2006, this celebrity god-sister shares the same belief that the crown, car and cash will belong to one of her delegates.