I didn’t expose Wanlov’s manhood on TV – Delay

Entertainment of Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Source: Ebenezer Donkoh-nydjlive.com


Exactly the same arguments we raised days after news went viral that Wanlov D Kubolor had shown his manhood on national TV to millions including children at home on Delores Frimpong Manso’s show when that was never the case.

We were literary flogged by many in the industry who believed we were only rescuing the situation because the said artist was a close friend we will defend at any circumstance.

Just when one of the most authoritative news websites had joined the bandwagon to publish such a depressing news item on this same issue, we were forced to throw a challenge at any individual who could present videos or even a picture of the said act on TV3 and we are yet to receive one.

To clear the air on the pending issue, in a recent interview with popular satirist KSM on Thank God Its Friday, Delay as she is affectionately called, threw more light on what took the Ghanaian media into a frenzy.

Excerpts below:

KSM: How did you get Wanlov to show his dingling mehn?

DELAY: First of all, I didn’t show it on TV, like people said I did. It was censored. I am a professional, I have been in this media business for over fourteen years and I wouldn’t do that. It’s against the ethics. It was censored and unfortunately the rough cut leaked onto YouTube and then Facebook and became viral. So people who didn’t watch the show on TV concluded I showed it on TV. But as usual I just kept my cool, and knew the truth was going to vindicate me. So my show was taken off air for a month and two weeks and the truth finally set me free. My show came back on TV. I am the presenter so whatever I want my guest to do I have to squeeze out of them, so if I’m like, ‘take the gun and kill yourself’, you should kill yourself. I’m Delay, so you should whatever I want you to do.

So having read this, we throw the challenge again for anyone to clearly prove he or she saw Wanlov’s “thing” on TV.