Photo: Fan shows Yvonne Okoro love with her portrait

Entertainment of Monday, 5 August 2013

Source: Francis Addo


Beautiful actress Yvonne Okoro received a special gift on social network twitter last week when one of her artistic fans presented her with painted portrait of herself.

‘The Contract’ actress has since been talking about the portrait to indicate how contented she was to have received it.

She tweeted and instagrammed about it, and even displayed it on BlackBerry for days, according to source close to her. The work was put together by one Japheru.

“Great, love from my fan. Artistry at its best…talented…” she said on Instagram.

In general, painted portraits have become an exceptional way of showing affection by presenting it as gift. As result, they have arguably become expensive products to acquire around the world. But for artists, the big challenge is to spend much time to make the painting right. And the person(Japheru) who painted Yvonne’s Portrait seemed to have had it right with great details.

Yvonne Okoro is currently hot on the African movie scene. Her first produced movie, ‘The Contract’ has currently made it on the nominations for African Entertainment Awards’ Best International Movie category.

The public can vote for her on the awards show’s website: