Mantrac markets backhoe loader to construction industry

Mantrac Ghana is taking advantage of the increasing growth in the construction industry to market its 4288F Backhoe Loader, a smaller version of the Caterpillar machine that it distributes to contractors and real estate developers.

The company is of the view that the smaller nature of the Backhoe Loader makes it convenient for the construction industry, especially those operating in the real estate sector.

Its Sales Manager in charge of New Machines, Mr Edem Eworyi, explained in an interview that the enclosed nature of the working environment of contractors in the real estate sector required a machine that was smaller in size to be able to manoeuvre easily.

“People associate Caterpillar with heavy machines such as bulldozers, excavators and the likes. They hardly know of small-sized machines such as the Backhoe Loader which we have been dealing in for years,” Mr Eworyi said in an interview.

“That is why we are coming out with this promotion so that people can get to know of it and the things it can do for them,” he added.

The promotion includes a milder payment plan, two years warranty plus free servicing and replacement of some of the machine’s parts within the warranty period.

On the payment terms arranged for the Backhoe Loader, Mr Eworyi said “we do not want a situation where the companies will have to use their entire working capital to pay for the machine and later be in difficulty.”

The make of the Backhoe Loader makes it possible for its back to be used for loading and the front for excavation.

The Head of Marketing and Strategic Planning, Mantrac Ghana, Mr Daniel Pabby, urged contractors in the country to take advantage of the promotion to enable them to add the Backhoe Loader to their fleet, explaining that its efficiency and ability to be used for many activities would help give value for money to companies that buy it.

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