I’m not dead – Bonsam lands from New York

Entertainment of Sunday, 4 August 2013

Source: NEWS-ONE

When NEWS-ONE editors had a skype alert message Thursday afternoon, little did they know the message was from sensational fetish priest, Nana Kwaku Bonsam who went ahead to have a video interview via skype to deny reports in Ghana that he was dead and being kept in a New York morgue.

We seem to live in a season where technology has caught up with traditional worship as Bonsam, during the interview said he had to end it because he was on his way for a television interview at Manhattan.

Another surprise was that Bonsam seems to have improved in the English language.

“Many people are calling me from Ghana to tell me that it is on radio that I am dead here in New York. But you know, this is not true because I am not dead. Look at me in the video talking to you live. Can a dead man talk? I want you to help me tell Ghanaians that I am not dead and I would come live on August 12 for them to see me,” Bonsam explained in near-flawless English.

There were speculations in Ghana that the fetish priest was dead. A couple of preachers had even used that as a basis to call on their congregation to renew their faith in Christianity because the sensational fetish priest was dead.

“I do not know when I would die. Only God can tell that; but I’m not dead and the people saying I am dead may die before me so they should stop saying bad things about people,” Bonsam explained.

Kwaku Bonsam has been staying in New York for about a year now and he recently became a subject of news there when the New York Times did a whole feature on him in both the print and online editions.

NEWS-ONE asked him about the said publications and this was his response: “They are very troublesome. They made cameramen follow me everywhere and watch everything I do. Journalists in Ghana would not do that. They would just speak to me, take my pictures there and go to their office. But these people, oh no no no no. They want to see everything.”